Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Working . . . but I Forgot the Coffee

Woke up again this morning. So far yesterday's key to increasing my WUML have worked. I did all five and now, here I am writing on day two. If anyone else wants to give it a try, I am liking the simplicity but effectiveness of The Miracle Morning (here). What's nice, and a handy marketing trick, is that there are Miracle Morning books for just about every career as you can imagine.

I may have run a bit too long to get much writing done today, but I felt bad for the dog having been in a kennel for the last week so I think I erred on the right side in that case.

I have found that two key tasks are left off the the list of how best to wake up. I did the re-affirmation, I did the alarm clock away from me trick, I got my running clothes out, I brushed my teeth and drank my water. The two tasks that I think I would add are "set your coffee maker" and an addendum to that, or a critical path, "have coffee in the house."

I'm a coffee addict, not because I love the taste, but I think I love it because I have so many wonderful associations with coffee. Without a second thought I can easily say that my favorite memories of my life include coffee. When you're on day two of the Miracle Morning and it's about forty degrees outside and you come inside to write, it would be real nice to have a nice cup of coffee with ya.